2013,Sep.,DA.AI Technology made it a “three-peat” with the “3rd Taiwan Green Classics Awards”

20140113_3.jpgDA.AI Technology, which won the “1&2nd Taiwan Green Classics Awards” for the past two years, this year made it a “three-peat” with three eco-friendly series products (Polar Animals Blanket Series, Eco Solar Backpack, and Non-dyed Felt Series). This achievement is possible thanks to ongoing cooperation from its many partners and supporters.

DA.AI Technology, Taiwan’s first environment-friendly company, enthusiastically follows Dharma Master Cheng Yen’s principles of “Co-existing with the Earth” by tapping into the efforts of over 200,000 Tzu Chi volunteers, manufacturers’ eco-friendly production strategies, and recycled resources as raw materials to manufacture uniquely eco-friendly products. This means a powerful new role for non-biodegradable PET bottles, as well as less consumption of virgin resources. This adds up to a massive reduction in the volume of recycled plastics.

first such certification to any company in Asia’s recycled textiles industries.

Building on the good start made by Taiwan’s recycled textile industry, DA.AI Technology actively promotes the green image and model, raising the success of valued collaborators and brands to the next level. Future projects include continually developing new recycled textiles and products and satisfying the specific needs of other companies or the industry as a whole. By persuasively sharing the principle “Savor humanitarian culture, cultivate wisdom, and spread great love” to deepen and widen the customer relationship net, DA.AI also helps introduce Taiwan’s innovative Green Loving brand to international audiences. DA.AI Technology’s ultimate goal? To become the world’s number one “eco brand.”

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