2013,Jul.,DA.AI Technology: Quick Drying Knitted Fabric in White receives Functional Textiles Certification

DA.AI Technology participated in the Bureau of Energy (BoE) “Cool Style” campaign. Combining the strengths of Taiwan’s textile and fashion industry and using functional textiles with optimal absorption and sweat dissipation qualities, the BoE showcased its Cool Style clothing line. Recently, DA.AI Technology’s Quick Drying Knitted Fabric in White received a Functional Textiles Certification, because of its ability to dissipate perspiration, making the wearer feel cool and reducing the need for air-conditioning.

Caption: DA.AI Technology’s white knitted absorbent fabric has been recognized by the Taiwan Textile Federation and received a Functional Textiles Certification. By keeping the wearer cool, it reduces the need for air conditioning.  

Caption: Using special polyester yarn, this fabric is designed to absorb sweat and humidity, spreading it onto the fabric surface for faster evaporation, leaving the wearer cool and comfortable.

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