2013,Nov.,DA.AI Technology has won SMEs’ Innovation Award

Caption:Minister Chang, of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, awarded the “SMEs’ Innovation Award” to James Lee, executive director of DA.AI Technology.DA.AI Technology strives to achieve its “green” mission by constantly improving the quality of its eco-friendly products. Its innovative approach includes actively promoting eco-fashion, using 100% recycled polyester content, and maintaining the original bottle color to reduce the need for polluting chemical treatments. DA.AI’s popular gray eco blanket was awarded the “SMEs’ Innovation Award” this year by Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs, in a ceremony held on November 22 at Taipei International Convention Center. Minister Chang, a Ministry official, was on hand to present award. In his comments he urged all corporations to try to follow DA.AI’s example and continuing to move forward toward a greener tomorrow.

In order to support innovative research efforts as a part of strategic business management, the SME’s Ministry of Economic Affairs, has been presenting the “SMEs’ Innovation Award” since 1982. Over those 20 years, 20th year, it has been recognized as the hallmark or key indicator for SME success. After a series of audits, DA.AI Technology was presented with this award for its green innovation.

Caption:DA.AI Technology deeply appreciates this honor, and will continue finding ways to create a sustainable green role model.  This national award has proven to be an effective government incentive for corporations. In addition to sustaining a social welfare platform and serving as a role model, DA.AI Technology will continue improving on its famous product quality. And by deciding to donate its NT 300,000 in prize money for Philippines relief, the company once more demonstrates a commitment to address the effects of human disasters. Perhaps even more importantly, it constantly strives to raise consciousness and encourage more people everywhere to contribute to their societies.

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