DA.AI Technology Wise Eco-Plastic

According to a report released by the United Nations on World Environment Day in 2018, approximately 9 billion tons of plastics are manufactured each year. However, only a staggering 9% of that plastic is recycled. Thus, 8 million tons of plastic waste flows into our oceans annually. Companies are therefore encouraged to adopt production and consumption patterns of plastic materials that follow a “Circular Economy.” During the United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA-4) which took place in March of 2019, as many as 170 countries vowed to substantially reduce the amount of single-use plastic products by 2030.


DA.AI Technology's "Wise Eco-Plastic" series thereby utilizes recycled materials as a means of reducing plastic pollution. Recycled PET is transformed into everyday essentials from clothing to backpacks, and recycled polypropylene (PP) is used in the creation of stationery items. Through these innovative methods, DA.AI upholds its goal of supporting Mother Earth, lessening the burden that excessive municipal plastic waste places on our planet and all sentient beings.

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