2013,Jul.,ECO Mark Certification of Japan – DA.AI’s Blanket Shines Internationally

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DA.AI Technology's environmental fabric--particularly its “Gray blanket” – has received another important award for meeting world environmental standards.

Over the years it has received numerous environmental awards at home in Taiwanand abroad, including the Environmental Protection Agency’s Green Trademark, German TÜV Rhineland’s water footprint and carbon footprint certification, Netherlands’ GRS "global recycling standards" certification, and Cradle to Cradle(C2C) Products Innovation Institute grade C2C silver certificationCM from the United States etc. In April of this year,  DA.AI Technology’s gray environmental blanket, with its 100% recycled PET bottle material that causes no pollution from dyeing or manufacturing, was submitted to the Japanese Environment Association for certification. After undergoing extensive assessment of the material, greenhouse gas emissions, ozone emissions, ecological destruction, pollution, gas emissions, water pollution, waste disposal, hazardous materials handling / use, and numerous other environmental factors; and based on environmental management standards and guidelines set forth in ISO14020/14024, in July 2013 Japan officially approved the use of the ECO trademark on consumer products sold in Japan.

With an eye toward saving energy, reducing carbon footprints and promoting environmental sustainability, the Japan Environment Association began to assess various products’ life cycles to determine if they meet minimum environmental standards. It decided to introduce “Eco-labels” to promote reduction in the waste of precious environmental resources. For the first time this year, DA.AI Technology’s household products were certified byJapanbased on their use of environmentally friendly recycled fiber. The stringent quality checks and internationally recognized certification proves that DA.AI Tech fabric is manufactured with high environmental awareness. It also illustrates DA.AI Tech’s determination to promote green energy in everyday life.Based on such international third-party certification, consumers can be assured of product safety and be encouraged to help save the Earth and our environment. 


Caption: DA.AI Technology's environmental fabrics (notably its world famous “Gray blanket”) have been certified to meet world environmental standards. Over the years, it has been honored with numerous environmental awards, at home and abroad. In July 2013,Japanofficially approved DA.AI’s use of its ECO trademark.


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