2013,Aug.,DA.AI Technology: The 2013 Shining Green Rising Star

Caption: On behalf of everyone at DA.AI Technology, executive director Lee Ding Ming (right) received the 16th Rising Star Award from Premier Jiang Yi Huah(left). The award reaffirms the importance of DA.AI’s Green brand, and the untiring efforts of countless environmental activists.The 16th Rising Star Award Ceremony took place on August 28, 2013. Representing DA.AI Technology, executive director Lee Ding Ming accepted the Rising Star Award from Premier Jiang Yi Huah. This award aims to honor highly competitive and innovative small and medium enterprises (SMEs). This year DA.AI was the only enterprise honored with the Service Award. DA.AI Technology has become known for bringing its motto “limited natural resources but unlimited love” to life in a simple, elegant and frugal way. It has enhanced this eco-brand reputation by producing many low-carbon “Green” products, and by donating 100% of its net profits to charity.

All award recipients’ innovative products (textiles, iron and steel, semi-conductors etc.) are globally well known. Applying professional management principles, DA.AI Technology is able to control critical materials, develop and improve on its R&D techniques, maintain Production Traceability Systems and devote itself to the betterment of society. These factors clearly demonstrate a “backbone enterprise’s” versatility. Mr. Yeh Yun Lung, Director General of SME Administration, agreed that DA.AI Technology deserves the Service Award in part because of its great love and solid contributions to society. He also affirmed that DA.AI’s green products, as an expression of Dharma Master Cheng Yen’s “Coexist with the Earth” enhance the reputation of all Green enterprises and serve as an example to the entire industry.

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