2014, Jan.,The 2014 Taiwan Excellence Award of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA)

b_290_290_16777215_00___images_news3_2014.jpgThe 22nd Taiwan Excellence Awards, hosted by the Taiwan Bureau of Foreign Trade, has long stood for the highest standard and role model of boutique product in Taiwan on many domains, including product development, design, quality assurance, marketing, and Made-in-Taiwan (MIT) production. It is also the only all-around award in the world, thus reflects Taiwan’s brand innovation value to rest of the globe. The country’s first green social enterprise, DA.AI Technology Corporation, was first awarded and recognized in 2012 with its iconic eco-friendly green and white non-dyed polo shirt, named DA.AI (Great Love in Chinese) Polo Shirt. The company continues to triumph in 2013 by winning awards on a total of 6 different series. Furthermore, in the recently announced 22nd Taiwan Excellence Awards, DA.AI Technology Corporation has once again proved itself with 10 different product series (a total of 59 products) including the Chinese traditional style Heritage Series, Fresh Sprout/Mascots (infants/kids) Series, Cultivated (leisure) Series, Vow into Action (disaster relief) Series, and the Home Gift Box Series that demonstrates the caring for environment, all living beings, and mother Earth. The company has also published numerous reports on the 2014 Taiwan Excellence Awards to tell the humanism stories behind the brand.

The DA.AI Technology’s Corporation differs from rest of the fiber textile industry in a sense that all of the company’s raw materials come from the plastic bottles that come into the Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundation’s recycling centers daily from all over Taiwan. Moreover, DA.AI Technology fully contributes its investment and net profit back to Tzu Chi Foundation, which is then utilized on local and international charity and disaster relief. The company is also looking to extend its product development technology into other raw materials, such as recycled paper, to better re-use all the unwanted resources.

Together with the global footprint of Taiwan Excellence Awards, DA.AI Technology had the chance to tag along and exhibit around the world. Thanks to this rare opportunity, people from different country and region were able to learn aboutTaiwan’s enlivened power of recycling, turning what was meant to be thrown away into useful resources. The company’s establishment is made possible by numerous recycling volunteers and entrepreneurs who contributed their time, money, and effort on theislandofTaiwan. DA.AI Technology wishes to carry out all these stories behind the brand and product to the world, and ultimately raises everyone’s awareness to love and cherish the land that we live on and to “coexist with the Earth.”

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