2013,Dec.,DA.AI Technology Awarded for EPA’s Green Life Promotion

20140106-1a.jpgOn December 24th, 2013, the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) of Taiwan awarded DA.AI Technology for participating in the Green Living Campaign, and invited the company to join the end of the year presentation to view the results together. By providing the Taiwan EPA Green Label certified eco-friendly products made from recycled plastic bottles, DA.AI Technology wishes to show newly-wed couples an alternative to celebrate their happiness in a greener way. From the actual wedding to living necessities after the wedding, DA.AI introduces series of products to not only fulfill new couples’ daily needs, but also aims to bring the concept of “Green Living from the Heart” into their lives.

The Taiwan EPA awarded companies and organizations for their contributions in providing products and services from all living aspects, and wishes to communicate the urgent need to protect the environment through places such as restaurants, hotels, retail stores, and more. Green purchase was also one of the important elements, promoting consumers to purchase recycled and re-made products rather than complete new ones to lower energy and resource use. This is exactly what DA.AI Technology is looking to provide to newly-wed couples, and elevate everyone’s eco-protection awareness.

Caption:Mr. Lin, one of the five founders of DA.AI Technology, accepted the award from the hands of the Taiwan EPA Director during the Green Living Campaign end of the year presentation. (Photo by:Austin)Mr. Lin, one of the five founders of DA.AI Technology, represented the company to accept the award from Taiwan EPA, and further stated that the products are all made by recycled plastic bottles, and non-dyed, to avoid the high pollution dye process. The main purpose for DA.AI to provide eco-friendly products for green wedding and living is not to promote consumption, but rather trying to bring up everyone’s consciousness and responsibility to protect the environment, to put such idea into daily action, and further to influence people around and the society as a whole.

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