The Eco-Umbrella Provides Health, Functionality, and Security for Elder

CAPTION: DA.AI develops an Eco Multifunctional Umbrella particularly fits multiple needs of health, functionality, and security for elders. (Photo by: DA.AI Technology Co., Ltd.)DA.AI Technology carries a brand philosophy of “Great Love for all being, gratitude for Mother Earth, and humanitarianism technology,” and is implemented in designing its eco-products. Due to busy modern lifestyle, we often don’t spend enough time with our parents; therefore, providing a supportive alternative is the least we can do. In response to the need of long term care, DA.AI develops an Eco Multifunctional Umbrella particularly fits multiple needs of elder.

DA.AI’s newly designed Eco Multifunctional Umbrella is not a stick; each umbrella comes with two height adjusting blocks at pole, and each block provides 3cm adjustment, with maximum of 6cm which fit with all different body height. The umbrella supports up to 10kg of weight with anti-slippery tip to protect elder falling. The Eco Umbrella does not open up by surprise with its lotus bone, maximizing wind resistance. It is made with water proof and UV protective fabric, and thus, can be used in both rain and shine.

DA.AI’s Eco Multifunctional Umbrella is one of the best gifts for elder that adapts to various needs of health, functionality, and security. There are two things in life that cannot wait: fulfilling filial piety and doing good deed. This umbrella is not only a symbol of filial piety from sons and daughters, but also advanced-technology with humanitarianism. A supportive gift for parents certainly shows filial piety, but the best is yet accompany parents with warm love.

DA.AI Technology, Jasmine Li, Taipei


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