2012,Jan.,DA.AI Eco Polo Shirt Receives 2012 Taiwan Excellence Award

20120104-2.jpgTaiwan Excellence Awards, sponsored by the Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taiwan and Taiwan External Trade Development Council were established to encourage Taiwan industries to upgrade and incorporate higher innovation value (innovalue) into their products.

The selection of Taiwan Excellence Awards is based on four different criteria: research & development, design, quality, and marketing. Each product must score equally well in each category in order to be selected. Each year, the judges select the products which are authorized to display the symbol of Taiwan Excellence along with the winning year. This year, out of the 1,145 products in the competition, DA.AI’s Eco Polo Shirt was one of the products that received the award due to its innovalue. 

Each DA.AI Eco Polo Shirt is made by 14 recycled PET bottles. Each shirt has a tag attached to it, detailing the amount of carbon footprint reduced by making the shirt. As compared to using virgin raw material to make a shirt, when making the DA.AI Eco Polo Shirt, the amount of CO2 emitted is 299g less, while oil consumption and water consumption is 6cc and 1,050cc, respectively, less than using virgin raw material. Through the display of these numbers, consumers can clearly see that they are playing a role in mitigating global warming. Each shirt represents a green seed. DA.AI wishes that each seed has the opportunity to flourish, and create an ongoing green wave.


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