2011,Nov.,Water Footprint Certification from TÜV Rheinland Group, Germany

b_290_290_16777215_00___images_certificate_-1.jpgWater footprint (also known as virtual water) is used to calculate water consumption during product manufacturing process. Just like the concept of carbon footprint, water footprint represents the total water consumption by a specific product.
DA.AI’s gray Eco Blanket is the designated blanket for international disaster relief use by the Tzu Chi Foundation. The gray ECO Blanket has received the world’s first Water Footprint Certification for blankets. Uwe Halstenbach, General Manager of the TÜV Rheinland Group, Taiwan branch, stated that water footprint is a new issue, and DA.AI Technology is a trail blazer in the textile industry!

Generally, the amount of water consumption for producing a cotton T-shirt is 2,700 liters. Although DA.AI’s gray Eco Blanket is much bigger and heavier than a cotton T-shirt, the blanket consumes only 643 liters of water during the production process, which is only a quarter of water consumption amount as compared to a cotton T-shirt. DA.AI’s gray Eco Blanket not only provides immediate relief to disaster survivors around the world, it is also an international symbol of love and green living. 

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