DA.AI, Best for the World Community for the Second Consecutive Year

圖說B Corp index data is compiled from over 1,750 businesses using the B Impact Assessment standard by B Labs, an US non-profit authority that provides credible social enterprise certification – the B Corporations. B Impact Assessment is the most widely used tool to assess a company overall positive social and environmental impact in diverse fields, including governance, workers, community, and environment. DA.AI has been a B Corp certified company since 2016, using the power of business to solve social problems, and was highly ranked in the community category.

In 2018, DA.AI was once again recognized the “Best for the World in Community” by B Lab for the second consecutive year. The “Best for World in Community” of the B Impact Assessment evaluates a company’s supplier relations, diversity, and involvement in the local community. A total of five Taiwanese companies won the 2017 Best for the World, DA.AI was among this honorable list of “846 companies leading the way to a shared and durable prosperity for All.”

2018 Best for the World in community measures the company’s practices and policies around community service and charitable giving. DA.AI’s products are designed to solve environmental problems and its corporate spirit is to bring this “eco power” to purify people’s mindset and harmonize the society. DA.AI is not only an eco-promoter, but also an eco-implementer. Usual company pursues ROI as return of investment; however, DA.AI’s ROI is pursuing “return of influence” and influence the world with this humanitarian force.

DA.AI Technology, Jasmine Li, Taipei

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