Brand Story


The name of DA.AI Technology was first used on December 10, 2008. Although clean and short, it carries a big meaning. “DA.AI,” Chinese for “Great Love,” reminds us to “love all creatures and show appreciation to the Earth.” DA.AI, home to key recycling technology, is also a selfless social welfare platform.

The relay of love begins with Tzu Chi environmental promoters, is sustained by the business partners with very special expertise, then contributes to society. We hope to become a pioneering enterprise, able to keep attracting more businesses and organizations ready to commit to corporate social responsibility.
DA.AI is already a pioneer in the integration of environmental protection and charitable work, turning recycled PET bottles into warm fleece blankets. Thanks to tireless Tzu Chi volunteers’ efforts, DA.AI has already distributed over 650,000 eco-friendly blankets to people suffering from disasters and hardship in nearly 30 countries. These blankets not only give warmth to those in need. They also transform our volunteers' selfless love into concrete or tangible aid, thus reflecting the key Tzu Chi concept, "extending an article’s life and creating blessings and wisdom.”

PET bottles were originally petroleum products. So if petroleum can become raw materials for textiles, then restoring PET bottles and making them into raw materials for textiles, we can be said to be remanufacturing from the source. It has been said “The field of Bodhi trees flourished from one root.” A tree grows from its root; while the root is hidden beneath the soil, the lush foliage is clearly visible. Therefore, the leaves represent the environmentally responsible outcomes that people can see with their own eyes.

DA.AI's Bodhi-leaf distinctive brand logo is light green on the right side. As a real leaf matures, it acquires the dark green on the left side of the logo. Similarly, a Bodhi leaf has fresh, young, middle age, and senior stages, corresponding to the children, young adults, middle-aged people and senior volunteers in Tzu Chi. Fallen leaves will eventually return to the earth and nourish the root. Through recycling and technology R&D, we can restore the Earth's resources and continuously bring eternal principles to life. Restoring resources, improving the quality of everyone's life and contributing to circles of love--it's nice to know we're all on the same team. The Great Love team!

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